Egyptian army massacres 149 pro-Morsi demonstrators under orders from interim President

Update: The death toll has risen to 525, according to Egypt’s Health ministry. while prime minister Hazem Beblawi praises security forces for their restraint.

The Independent is reporting 149 killed and 1,403 wounded in Cairo after interim President Adly Mansour reportedly “gave the army leave” to do whatever was necessary to clear pro-Morsi demonstrators out of their protest camp in the Egyptian capital.

The government has also arrested several Brotherhood leaders and reports have emerged that interim Vice President Mohammed ElBaradei had resigned over the violence.

Though it would definitely be wrong to claim that Mohammed Morsi’s year in office was bloodless, the actions of the military and the interim government should come as a clear a urgent warning. Non-Islamist participants in the 2011 Revolution should be as outraged as Morsi’s supporters over this disproportionate use of violence to disperse peaceful protesters.

One thing these actions accomplish is to confirm the military rulers and their interim President as a worse alternative to Morsi, who was democratically elected but granted himself undemocratic powers following his victory.


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