Facts Go Mainstream: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s TV special ‘Weed’

Picture 17‘Weed’ is a TV documentary that covers a little of the history, and some of the recent science about marijuana. It’s really unusual to see a prime-time special reporting honestly about the benefits and dangers of cannabis use. It covers a some interesting medical applications, talks about the science of adolescent use, and mentions the creation of the first Drug Czar. What is most surprising is that CNN’s parent company Tim Warner Inc. allowed this to happen. If it turns out that public opinion really was the only thing holding back legalization, we will see it as a victory for social change; but as a concession to populism by the powers that be, it would be a pretty modest offering.

Is it yet another sign of a cultural shift that will culminate in legalization? Will it be a hollow victory in light of other growing problems like corporations exercising control over politics?

You can watch the documentary on Youtube.


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