How Did They Identify Osama bin Laden’s body?

A “senior Defense Department official”, quoted in Wired, said that they probably used a Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit (SEEK). It’s a biometrics recorder that does “iris scans, fingerprints and facial scans” and sends the data to the FBI.


One of several biometric identity checks US personnel likely performed.

“We’ve always said this is about more than finding people in a crowd,” said the senior defense official, who requested anonymity to talk about the CSI-like gear that Special Operations Forces carry. The latest version, developed by a company called Crossmatch, is known as SEEK II, and it came out last year. It weighs less than 4 pounds, and its ability to send information back to the FBI database is “wham-bam,” even from low-connectivity areas.

The same official said that, despite facial recognition technology, fingerprints remain a reliable source of biometric identification. Reports state that the special forces unit that killed bin Laden also performed the biometric identification on his body themselves, and the US government didn’t stop there: they used DNA stolen from bin Laden’s dead sister to do a full-on DNA check.

That’s right, between measuring his eyes, face, fingers, and finally getting down into his DNA and matching it with his sister’s, the US would have been able to confirm, with absolute certainty, that they had their most wanted man.

Associated Press sources suggested the administration will release documented proof of bin Laden’s death “soon”.


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